Pricelist for technical services

Using 1KA online survey tool on the web server of the Centre for Social Informatics, Faculty of Social Sciences on the domain, is free, the same is true for installation of 1KA on user's own server (outside of the 1KA server). The cost of any additional technical services which may require additional work by 1KA related to the installation are charged at non-profit tariffs for hours spent.

All requests for additional technical services can be provided over the FORM FOR TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE, you can also call – in which case keep in mind that the phone number is not intended for counselling – at +386 30/ 702-788.



  • Activating a custom link (URL) for a specific survey € 10
  • Inclusion of the URL link of a specific survey in search engines € 10
  • Restoration of a deleted questionnaire or deleted data, if the user deleted it at his own fault € 10
  • Activating the 1KA SMTP email system for a specific survey € 20
  • Activating the system for sending notifications on a completed survey - for a specific survey € 20

A2. VIRTUAL DOMAIN (the user automatically gets the 'manager' status):

  • Virtual domain on 1KA server € 100 / year (first year includes the formation of a virtual domain)
  • Additional SSL protocol for virtual domain - € 30 / year

A3. OWN ISTALLATION ON 1KA SERVER (the user automatically gets the 'administrator' status):

  • Initial own installation for the client on the 1KA server € 200
  • Upgrading own installation on 1KA server € 100
  • Monthly hosting of own installation on 1KA server € 20

A4. OWN INSTALLATION AT THE USER'S SERVER (the user automatically gets the 'technical administrator' status):

  • Instructions and files for own installation on user's own server is free of charge (if the installation is made by the user himself)
  • Each started hour of assistance is charged at the rates under section B, usually it takes about two hours


  • Continuous technical support is relating to the user's own installation of 1KA application and is € 600 / year and includes:
    • Technical support on the basis of a maintenance contract contains a permanent technical support by phone (during business hours 8am - 16pm) and by email (response time of 2 hours during working hours).
    • Ranking user's specific technical needs as a top priority in the development of 1KA application.
    • Given the nature of the installation (1KA server or user's own server) the following:
      • in the case of installation on the 1KA server: archiving at the level of each click, the possibility of a detailed restoration from backups, installing up to four upgrades, hardware capability to conduct surveys for up to 100,000 units, and hardware support for even the most demanding analysis, the response time less than one business day, immediate intervention in case of technical problems.
      • in the case of installation on a user's server: the availability of the entire technical staff (system engineer, 1KA programmers), interventions and adjustments in the application, uninstalling up to two upgrades and assistance in installation, intervention in case of technical problems.


  • Engineering hour (assistance with installation via email or phone, support system, additional programming) on our location costs for each started hour € 40 (in case of own installation also for each started email correspondence or personal consultation).
  • A consultative hour from a methodologist usually costs from € 20 - € 30, in case of particularly easy tasks, carried out by our students, also € 10, for more demanding consultations up to € 40, for consultations from experts or lecturers up to € 80, depending on the complexity. A detailed pricing for methodological consultations click here >>.


C1. Installation on a user's server:

  • Installation on the user's server is basically free of charge if performed by the user himself on the basis of received instructions, the same way he can installs other server applications. Installation package and the instructions are clear and in fact some users the installation process by themselves, without any additional assistance of 1KA team. In case of complications, advanced server protection, security settings, user's weak technical competences, configuration or any other problems which require assistance of 1KA team, engineering hours (B) start running, both for the assistance by email, phone or on location. In case the user needs help with the installation, it takes - if there are no major complications (e.g. engineering hour on user's location) - 2,5 engineering hours, which shall be sufficient for any questions, explanations and interventions. Major complications are extremely rare.

C2. The restoration of data

  • The restoration of the data from backups, that the users delete by his own fault, is priced according to the prices in section A1 above (deleted survey, deleted questionnaire, deleted data). In rare non-standard cases, when a user deletes a single question and thus the data in the database, the users can contact programmers about the problem and time needed to solve the problem. It usually takes 1-2 engineering hours, in very exceptional and complex cases may take longer (1KA does save all changes from second to second, on a particular survey).

C3. Upgrade of the application

  • User should be able to carry out the upgrade of the application on his own server, since all technical specificities have already been clarified during the basic installation process. For further clarification from 1KA programmer's prices for engineering hours from the section B apply. In case user needs assistance in the basic installation, it is contemplated that the help for upgrade will be much less extensive.

C4. Upgrading the outer shell CMS

  • Upgrading the outer shell of the CMS, where there are general information and assistance (not the application itself), for now requires few engineering hours, but may in the future be more automated. It should be noted that the general information in the CMS shell is not of great importance for experienced users and thus is not necessary to upgrade the CMS regularly. Namely, each installation preserves the 'Help' link on the

C5. Adjustment of the outer shell CMS

  • In case of own installation on the 1KA server outer shell can be adjusted to the existing Sisplet CMS. That can be made by the user himself (e.g. replacing the logo, creating new sections for News and Highlights), otherwise these simple adjustments take from 1-2 engineering hours.

Price list is valid from 4.9.2015. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice. All prices are in EUR, excluding the VAT; if the service is carried out on the physical location of a user, the prices increase by 50 %.