Mobile Application is now available on Google Play

Registered users of 1KA can now download mobile application 1KA to Android mobile devices.

Application can be found in Google Play

Key functionalities of 1KA application:

  • Overview of statuses and results of web surveys

1KA user can check response statuses, access the survey preview, share the survey using social networks and check results of the survey through created public links.

  • Questionnaire creation

User can create simple questionnaire using three question types: Categories - single answer, Categories - multiple answers and Data input - Text input. Questionnaire can then be activated and shared through social networks. Collected data can be displayed in the results tab in the form of interactive graphs. Other status overview functionalities are also available.

  • Voting creation

Voting is a questionnaire with only one question that can be used to collect respondent's opinion for or against a certain proposition, decision or similar. Pre-set question enables conduction of voting and sharing it with respondents with only one click. Results are presented as interactive graphs and in real time. Question can be transformed and edited in any way.

Link to the 1KA application in Google Play store >>.