The 'SETTINGS' tab is used to specify additional web questionnaire settings:

  • 'Basic info': survey name, language, library display, numbering options, display of "Back" button, question archiving and reminder settings for all questions (no reminder, soft reminder or hard reminder).
  • 'Respondents access': data on whether cookies are used and for how long they are saved, display of the save & continue option. More>>
  • 'Editor access: who can edit the survey or access the data. More>>
  • 'Activity': duration of the survey and limiting the number of responses. More>>
  • 'Standard words': standard words for all questionnaire languages, e.g. 'Forward', 'Back', 'Finish', 'Next page' ... More >>
  • 'Notifications': about completed surveys, survey expiration, changes in survey activity and survey deletion. More>>
  • 'Comments': comments about questions and the questionnaire from respondents and editors. More>>
  • 'Mobile settings': here you can turn on and off the adjustment of the survey on mobile devices. More >>
  • 'Missing values': the use of default or customized missing values.
  • 'Metadata': which metadata are saved when tracking respondents (this option is only available to users with the status of "manager").
  • 'Displaying data': settings about displaying valid units, date of questionnaire completion and the unit's row number.
  • 'Groups': creating a custom number of URL addresses for identifying groups of respondents. More>>

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