The 'DESIGN' tab enables you to adjust the look and layout of the questionnaire, also called the theme or skin. More>>

In 1KA there are several predefined themes, e.g. Colorful, Relief, Uni, Modern and Safe, and themes that are especially adjusted to be embedded in a webpage or used as a slideshow.

Beside the chosen theme for display of a survey on a PC, user can also choose one of the five different color combinations of mobile themes (for display of a survey on mobile devices). By clicking on the theme name a preview is opened:

The interactive interface enables additional adjustment and customization of each theme:

  • Changing the color, type and size of the font,
  • Changing background colors,
  • Option of including your own logo.

Advanced users that have the necessary knowledge can directly modify the theme using the CSS editor or create the CSS theme offline and then upload it.

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