Alert list

The 1KA survey tool enables creating of a notification list/alert list.

Notification list is a form in which respondents enter their personal data in order to be informed about the current news. To use the list you must complete the authorization form.

Creating forms

The alert list can be created in two manners:

1. Copying from the library

In the 'My surveys' directory click on the 'Library' tab. Inside the 'Library' under the 'Public survey' section open the '1KA example questionnaires' and then open 'Form templates and voting' and copy the 'Email list – form' survey in your questionnaire.

A new survey with two questions will appear in your questionnaire editor. Question text can be modified according to your needs.

2. Creating a form

In 'My surveys' click on the 'Create Survey' and new window where you can enter the internal survey name will appear. From the following types of survey choose 'Form: simple survey on one page'.

You can add any other questions to the Alert list. If you want to use them in communicating, you must mark that question as a system variable in the 'Advance' tab of the question editor.

*In case you want to send respondents the notification of successful signing up, it is recommended to select 'Respondent' in the 'Edit – Settings' tab under the 'Notifications – Completed survey' category. This way the E-mail and Name variable of the respondent will be added to the questionnaire.

For both methods of creating alert lists there are some specific options that will appear on the right side:

  • Inside the 'Quick alert list settings' you can set who will get a notice when someone subscribes to an alert list, you can specify the author of the survey and add the recipients as well as the respondents. If you click on the 'Advance Settings' the page will direct you to the 'Notification of completed survey'. Additional information are available in the Notifications manual.
  • When sending only one notification use of 'Quick e-mail invitation settings' is recommended, however in this manner tracking answers, editing and re-sending the notification is not possible.

When you have finished with editing it is important to activate and publish the form. You can embed the form into a webpage or simply share the URL with others.

Sending alert list

Suppose that you have enough of respondents and want to send them a notification.

Begin by clicking on the 'Publish' and select the 'E-mail invitations' tab followed by click on the 'Add respondents'. A new menu will open. Since we have e-mails of the respondents in the database under the 'Data' tab, the database must be subsequently moved to the database for sending emails. In the 'Add' tab select the option 'From system variable' and click on the 'Validate' button. All copied e-mails from the database to the Mailing list will show. Then click on the 'Add users'. You can repeat the process as many times as you want and only new e-mails will be copied to the Mailing list.

People who have subscribed to the alert list are listed in the 'View/Edit' tab. You can also delete respondent from the list, filter or export the Mailing list to an Excel file.

In the 'Email massage' section, you can write the notification that you want to send to all respondents. Firstly, you have to enter the title and the content of the notification. System variables are added to the Email massage in a way that you write #nameofvariable# in the content. It is recommended to unsubscribe respondents that do not wish to receive Email messages. You can unsubscribe respondent with the #UNSUBSCRIBE# system variable. The new message can be saved, but if you want to send the message immediately, you should select the 'Send' tab and click the 'Next' button.

In the end, we only have to send the messages. You can determine which respondent will get a message in the 'Send' tab. On the right side, a list of all respondents that will receive a message is displayed. If you want to re-edit the message you should click on the 'Edit Message' button. When you finish with the editing, you should proceed by clicking on the 'Send Email' button. You can check the Email status in the 'Archive' tab.

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