Why don't I receive a confirmation e-mail after registration?

In case that upon completion of registration you do not get a confirmation email to activate your account, check if you entered the e-mail correctly.

Most common mistakes:

  • mistyping your email address, for example 'oneclicksurvey@gmali.com';
  • wrong email address, for example, you have entered your second email address, so check all your email accounts;
  • unnecessary space, for example 'oneclicksurvey @gmail.com';
  • wrong extension, for example, instead of the correct 'oneclicksurvey@gmail.com' you entered 'oneclicksurvey@gmail.si' or 'oneclicksurvey@gmail.net'.

It is best to try to register once again and pay attention to alerts that appear above. If you still do not receive the activation/confirmation email, fill out the form >>.