Own installation

We are talking about installing 1KA application on user’s own server (eg. company) which then allows the service of 1KA online surveys.

In addition, it can also be locally installed on computer or laptop, in order to support off-line questionnaires for the purpose of computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI), where the interviewer enters the respondent’s answers in the computer, which is not discussed at this point.

In this case, the user gets - in addition to the status of 1KA administrator - additional technical administrator status, which allows him the functionalities of 1KA system administration and some other options.

Advantages in this case are especially complete control over access, both in terms of people who have access, as well as in terms of technical safety. This is potentially a weakness, since assigned and professional 1KA server may offer greater security protection. Further disadvantage can be the fact that upgrades are carried out only when 1KA creates a new installation version, and the fact that in case of interventions complications are significantly higher.

Technical details of the installation on user’s own server are here >>

For own installation it is necessary to fill out the FORM >>. In the event that there is no response within one business day, contact us as indicated in help section >>.