User testimonials

April 2015

“Quick, simple and satisfying data processing.”

Peter Marolt, FOV

“Very useful tool for creating web surveys. Everything I needed was available. User experience is very intuitive. I didn’t use a lot of time reading the instructions, despite the fact that this was my first survey. 1KA - congratulations on excellent service.”

Jure Artiček, Connet d.o.o.

“Very understandable instructions, that leads you from beginning to the end.”

Renata Štritof – Faculty of Education Maribor

“I was very satisfied.”


“Great application which comes in handy with extraordinary tools for data analysis.”


“This was my first questionnaires I ever made and I’m fascinated with simple usage.”

BC; ''Predilnica Litija''



“Great application that offers for free all and more I need for my researches.”

S.M., student

“I see web survey as a great tool to use with children in primary school when they learn about data analysis and data editing. We’re going to try to use it with library/informatics courses, mathematics and similar, as well as with research papers.”

Alja Bratuša, librarian of primary school Polzela

“Making web questionnaires is easy such as data analisys afterwards. 1KA offers a lot of possibilities, so everyone can adjust questionnaire by his own needs. I’m very pleased with the usability.”

Student of Gimnazija Maribor

“Simplicity and quick preparation is what convinced me to use 1KA. It eased process of data analyzing and making diagrams. I didn’t get to use all of the options 1KA offers and didn’t get all of the data I wanted (I would need more time for study the tool, which I didn’t have at the time).”

M.R (University of Primorska)

“I used to work with Limesurvey until I found your tool browsing the internet. It’s user-friendlier and especially simpler to make. Congratulations on the product.”

Marjan Gradišnik, headmaster of Primary School of Franjo Malgajo, Šentjur

“I have never made a web questionnaire before and 1KA was very useful. Simple, easy and uncomplicated. With the help of 1KA I successfully made great web survey for my thesis.”


“Simple and functioning site for making web questionnaires.”

D. Č., Faculty of social work

“Great tool which I use with my students in school.”

Vojka L. Pipan (Primary school Preska)

“Surveys are very useful in the process of writing term papers, simply because of the automatic data analysis.”

Ines Puklavec, School of economy Murska Sobota

“1KA is great and simple tool for surveys, which I would recommend to everybody. It’s for beginners and for experts.”


“Web portal 1KA is, in my opinion, very easy for use. It’s quick and professional. Following the results in the process of gaining it is what I like the most.”
Denis Podaj; ‘’Vrtnarstvo Podaj’’

“I was positively surprise by the usability of 1KA. It’s perfect tool for web surveys, you can create something as simple as form or you can work on complex questionnaire and difficult analysis. It’s simple and intuitive for use. I would recommend it. ”

Tjaša N., University of Ljubljana

“1KA id useful and great for creating simple (and even more complex) surveys.”


March 2015

“Everyone who needs to make a survey for research or diploma – 1KA is great! ”


“I had a positive experience, I didn’t have any problem with creation of questionnaire and I would like to recommend it to everyone who needs a tool for creating surveys.”


“I really like your tool. We had prepared a survey for measuring a satisfaction of business partners; it was really simple so I couldn’t use all of the functionalities it offers. It shows that you’re experts on your fields. Thanks for creating very useful tool. ”

Igor Razinger, Mersteel SSC

“It’s simple, analysis are punctional, etc. Great help with statistics. I’m going to recommend it to my friends. Best regards.”

Mateja Jelševar, SŠOF

“I was extremely satisfied with 1KA tool, It’s easy to create and examine analysis.”

Karmen Lešer , FKPV Celje

“I’m very satisfied with 1KA tool.”

Petra Topic – Faculty of education, Ljubljana

“Useful tool with intuitive activity. User can really dedicate himself to results and doesn’t have to lose time with (un)activity of the tool/survey.”


“Usable and simple web survey, for average user is completely satisfying.”

Igor Jesih, ŠOUM

“Super easy to create questionnaires and automatic analysis. GREAT! I will recommend it.”"

Urška G., Faculty of education, Maribor

“1KA is quick and easy to use. I would recommend it to all students who are working on researches for diploma, etc. to use it for their surveys.”


“Quickest and easiest creator of web surveys.”

Youth club Deskle

“My experience was excellent. Quick and easy tool to use.”

Nika Grabner, Medical faculty, Ljubjana

“I can’t compare it to any other tool, because of the lack of experiences, but I think that the web survey is simplest way for gathering and processing information.”

B.C., Library

“It’s great to use, visually and functionally flawless. 1KA offers a lot of different useful functions that can satisfy even the most demanding customer.”

PS, University of Maribor, Faculty of Law

“1KA is great. You can get really good results in a short period of time and a little effort.”

A.J., High school Bežigrad

“1KA is a very good web tool for creating surveys. You can create different questionnaires.”

Juš Jordan Kondić, Primary school Tončke Čeč, Trbovlje

“Designing questionnaires with 1KA tool is easy and quick. I like it especially because wide types range of questions.”


“1KA is user-friendlier in comparison to other similar tools, to respondents and enforcer. Visual editing of surveys is a huge benefit!”

T. V., Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering

“It’s really easy and clear for use. You could maybe add more tools for analysis as we can find in SPPS (SPSS is payable program). Great application.”

Amorela Ćatić, Faculty of economics Ljubljana

February 2015

“This was the first time I prepare web questionnaire. The simplicity and transparency was really helpful.”

Petra, MLC

“I never made a web survey before and I was really surprised how easy it is. I will definitely use 1KA again next time. ”

Jasna Jutriša, Higher Education Center Novo Mesto

“Simple and reliable.”


“1KA successfully fulfilled my expectations. I cherish good display of activity of the respondents. ”


“Survey is reliable with the entire possible settings manager, the analysis is great.”


“Creating a survey with the help of 1KA is easy and understandable. They even offer you an introduction video, where you can learn the process of making a survey.”

PIA OGRIZEK, Faculty of Arts Maribor

“1KA made my work really easy. I could never imagine I would be qualified for making a web survey.”


“I really like 1KA as I always liked to make surveys for everything. I used to write the questions on paper and it was too much of an effort. So when I found out about 1KA in school I was thrilled. ”

Manci Dolinar

''I made an web survey with 1KA in the simplest possible way. It’s really clear even with data monitoring. If I need any help I usually found an answer within the frequently asked questions. Great tool!”


“1KA is truly simple and useful web page, It helps us to create web survey really easy and quick.”

B. M.

“1KA is quality tool for making web surveys. The’re clear and quick. Congratulations.”

KARMEN TOŠKAN OŠ Ivana Babiča-Jagra Marezige

‘’It’s really easy and practical!”


“Great page for making web surveys, because the only thing user must do is register. Instructions are simple and clear. I didn’t have any problems with creating a questionnaire.”

Marijana K. Glavica, High School Bežigrad

“When I was writing paper for my masters’ degree I choose the theme that demands a survey. For that purpose I used 1KA, even though I have zero experiences. I completed web survey without any larger problems; there are a lot of useful video-guides too.”

Sabina Vrešak, EPF Maribor

“With 1KA you can really quick make a great survey; it offers a lot of different styles of designs, its user friendly and unlimited.”


“This tool is great. You just set your questions and just time and time. It was OK. If I’ll need it again I will surely use it.”


“Great. Everything you need for quality survey.”


“Even though it was my first web survey, it was really easy. It’s simple for use, with a lot of automatically set options. If you want to correct something it’s really easy. Great! ”

Vanja Tajnšek, DF SVIT

“Quick, humble, efficiently.”

Faculty of administration, Ljubljana

“For someone who didn’t use tools like this before I prepared a great survey and get all of the information I needed. I would really like to know I there is an quick course? Greetings.”

PL, bank sector

“I recommend this application to all the students. It’s really simple to use.”

“Splendid. It’s easy to make and really good data processing.”

Nuša Hertiš, ll. gimnazija Maribor

“Creating a survey in 1KA is quick and easy, with a lot of pre-prepared options you can really quickly prepare the questionnaire. It’s suitable for users without experiences. ”

Janja Rušin, FOV

“I’m not experienced in survey-making and analyzing, but with this tool I did finished quickly. I needed some time to choose the right type of question styles, but I was impressed with its usefulness. It’s for the experts and amateurs."


“1KA is great tool for collecting data, which I used in school for the course of statistics, business use. I would definitely recomend it.

Rebeka Bratož Gornik, The Faculty of Humanities

“Extremely transparent and easy way to create survey questionnaires.”

Jana Hafner, High school Ljubljana

“Process of creating survey is really intuitive, without any previous knowledge I really find my way around the application. I believe there is a lot of tricks and details available, but for my needs it’s simply enough.”


“Quick and efficient! Suitable for research papars. ”

A. R. II. High school Maribor

'“Quick and efficient process of collecting data, easy and simple to use (in my case for kids in the age range of 9 through 15.)”

Tanja Grünfeld, Primary School Toneta Čufarja

“I really liked it, especially transparency of widgets and graphs and instructions.”

Peter Dajčman

“It was great experience, even though I’m not an expert. I needed some data for the process of writing a doctorate. I didn’t start to make a survey yet, for now I just made a questionnaire, for which I believe its quality made. Thank you for this option.”

A. B., Faculty of architecture

“Web questionnaire was made really quickly. It was fun, simple, transparent and with great results. Respondents really like using 1KA, because it’s the best! Data review is great.”

L.T, High school Ledina

Januar 2015

“We used 1A in high school to create different questionnaires; I was surprised by the simplicity.”



Davor Pernjek

“Really quick, efficient; I’m really satisfied.”

Andreja, Faculty of social work

“I was really pleased with the 1KA application, thank you very much.”

Ćopić Selimir

‘’I’m positively surprised that we have a quality and extensive application for execution of simple and complex surveys, especially made by professors and students. ‘’

David, FMC

‘’ I first heard for 1KA tool when my colegue told me. My son asked me to help him write term paper so we we’re searcing for simple and interesting solution. Survey creation with 1KA was fairytale. It was really fascinating to monitor changes in percent and graphs. Thank you, just because you are!’’


‘’I’m really satisfied with survey, even if I still not done with testing. I hope I’m not gonna have too much troubles, since this is my first survey. Maybe you could add a little more help. ‘’

Damjana Kaker. B&B education

‘’Usefull toole, simple to use for beginners. Work is easy and quick! :)’’

A. M., Faculty of education, University of Primorska

‘’Great tool and by far the best choice to work with when creating survey! Sincere congratulation!’’


‘’You’re great!’’

Islam Mušić, High school center Velenje

‘’Great tool!’’


‘’Web portal 1KA is really usefull, user friendly, and enable quick creation of survey. Data is already collected in tables – practically all of the neccecary analysis is already made. Great, I recommend it.’’

‘’This web application’s great. It’s transparent, simple, and functional with creaton of survey and with analysis of data. I would recommend it!’’


‘’ I recommend usage of 1KA even for elderly users – even for those who wasn’t born in digital generatin ;)’’

Božena Stritih, social worker, kindergarten Najdihojca Ljubljana

‘’1KA is user friendly, has quick activity, automatic analysis and graphs save me some time and work.’’

Kristina Hmeljak, Faulty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

‘’Great tool!’’

Romana Zidar, Faculty of Social work

‘’I’m not finished yet, but 1KA fascinated me with all of data analysis.’’


‘’Easy and useful!’’


‘’Survey creating is really simple, impeccable and transparent. I’m really pleased. I will use it in future, when I’ll need this kind of tool. I will recommend it to my friends.’’


‘’Creaton of survey is really easy and quick. I recommended it to my school mates.

Blaž Finžgar, Faculty of education Koper

‘’Quick, efficianf. I would recommend!’’

S.Š., Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana

‘’Easy to use, transparent data! I would recommend it.’’


‘’1KA tool is great, it has everything you need for analysis. I was using some other application before, but it can’t compare with your tool. It’s really more transparent and offers a lot more advance statistics as others. I can say only one thing: great!’’

Faculty of administration

“1KA is great tool for creating web surveys for beginners and experts. It’s easy to use and it offers a lot of options. It has a lot of pre-selected choices which makes this experience delighted. ”

Bojana Lobe, Faculty of social science, University of Ljubljana

"1KA tool is with one word EXCELLENT. First I was attracted to an unlimited number of respondents and questions which other survey tools do not provide. I was impressed with the calculations of results, with the help of 1KA tools you can calculate the greater part of the most important statistics, moreover, even create graphs. CONGRATULATIONS."

Meta Hostnik, second level Masters Degree of Early Childhood Education

"I'm astonished by the quality of the 1KA tool. The functions that I particularly like are the option of ongoing review and the basic reports are well-thought-out, while the meta data of the survey process itself is very useful. In general I think you need some time and practice to walk through all possible conditions and you can remember the main points (some of it is still waiting for me). The appearance and the transparency of the site, in addition to it functionality, are sufficiently encouragement that make it necessary that you go back to this tool without hesitation."

Anton Kramberger, Faculty of Social Sciences (UL)

"I found that the tool is suitable for the development of questionnaires for educational purposes, so I will include them in informatics lessons in the first year. Students will have to prepare themselves at least one online questionnaire."

Edi Kuklec, Šiška High School

"I made a questionnaire relating to customer satisfaction and the work at the course that I teach in elementary school. Pupils were able to fill out the survey with ease and learned about the results already on the same day, in the form of a Power Point presentation, with attractive graphs and percentages they got an insight into their work and the work of their classmates."

KP, Primary school, mathematician

"The tool is very well prepared; the students were able to create a simple survey by themselves, using graphs that they included into their project tasks. It's great also because it is free of charge - even with a large number of respondents. Thanks to the 1KA team."

Simona Kotnik, School centre Ptuj, School of Biotechnology.

"With 1KA it is easy to create a survey, you have the option to customize it and create it to your own design. A crucial advantage is the distribution and control on the number of completed surveys. Most importantly, it is not necessary to carry out a review of surveys and analysis on your own. I would not hesitate to recommend the 1KA tool to anyone who would ask me for help in creating a survey."

Best regards, Mitja Jeras

"A very useful application. Fast data entries, simple check and data editing options. The tools for statistical data analysis are quick and effective, and allow for quick interpretation of research results. 1Ka is an useful tool in the field of traditional surveying, as well as for work with data that does not originate from surveys (e.g. features descriptions of illegal waste dumps, tourist facilities ...)".

Gregor Kovačič, University of Primorska

"The program supports the development of questionnaires in international studies very well, i.e. those that involve researchers from different countries, but also supports efficient international dissemination of the results of research and development projects."

Dr. Valery Dermol, International School for Social and Business Studies

"1KA is a great tool: very simple and effective at the same time. I recommend it to my students as an excellent tool for writing papers and theses, and also I include this tool in this school year into practical work with students of economy and management courses. I wish you a lot of success in the future!"

Mateja Bitenc, College lecturer

"I am very pleased with the forum administrators, which are great at offering help. Also, creating a survey is very simple. Currently, my opinion on 1KA as a whole is very positive.”

B.K. Faculty of Education

"Working with 1KA is fast, simple, transparent and survey results are well supported with graphs and analyses."

B.G., VPS Ljubljana

“It was my first time creating a survey and I am very satisfied. I got the results I wanted.The application is manageable, you just follow all the instructions that are available at 1KA. Mainly I was relieved that the data are calculated simultaneously and that you can see the result in the individual questions immediately. I highly recommend it to everyone who is not familiar with surveys. It is also great because it is free."


"Simple. Fast. Transparent. 1KA"

Beate Pečečnik, Polident d.o.o.

"The application is intuitive, easy to learn and very logical. It is the ideal choice if you have IF (conditional) questions, because their use is really simple. I would like to praise the analytical part also. It allows truly everything you need for moderately challenging survey."

Jure Raztočnik, entrepreneur

"Compared to GoogleForms, the first use of 1KA survey is almost a shock, due to its diverse possibilities of usage, but the help section is so well written and elaborated that you can easily refresh your knowledge. Fascinating. If such a tool existed at the time of my studies, I would have passed the Statistics exam (at least) with 10."

Marko Brumen, Festival Lent

"Above all, I was pleased that the 1KA tool offers free options which other related websites do not offer. When designing the questions, you have considerable width, but for me it was especially important that we can export data into SPSS."


"I used the 1KA tool for the first time; before that I created surveys with other concurrent applications. 1KA is undoubtedly the best of them all, and on top of that it is free. Certainly it is an essential tool for designing any survey."

J.A, Faculty of Economics Ljubljana

"We learned about 1KA through friends that have been engaged in online surveying for many years. A few of us were worried that this will be a complex tool which will take a long time to get through, but we were pleasantly surprised, as it guided us through the process step by step. There were no complications and at the end it offered useful guidance for testing and ways to improve the efficiency of the survey. From different analyses, which the tool creates authomatically, we come up with a lot of useful information. Among other things we discovered that almost no one had completed the survey through Facebook - 95% of the responses were from people who had received a request to complete the survey via email. We are very grateful to the 1KA team for such an effective tool."

Society Ohana Team

"During our course we were given the task of creating a survey in a web environment. My colleagues and I were faced with a bit of a dilemma, because none of us had previously had any experience with making online surveys. We learnt that we could create a survey on the website Firstly, I reviewed the website and instructions and then I simply opened one of the options in the already pre-prepared online surveys. In about half an hour, I created a survey with three different sets and types of questions (all together 20 closed-ended questions with the Likert rating scale, semi-open question types with three possible answers and system variables with several answers) and already publish it :). Our experience is extremely positive. It could not have been any easier, but at the same time you have a lot of options for more complex surveys. We were especially impressed by the automatic analysis of the survey in the form of statistics, graphs or tables, since it was really easy to export the data to a computer. Congratulations to the 1KA team for this extremely sophisticated tool for online surveys, which is at the same time simple enough that even a complete laymen can use it. I highly recommend it. ;)"

Milan Kotnik, an employee of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing society Drava Maribor, student at DOBA Faculty in Maribor

"1KA has been very helpful in the execution of my research; the administrators were professional and happy to help."

Ljubo Poles, PhD in marital and family therapy, Faculty of Theology

"A very transparent application for web surveys. Compared to other tools I've used so far, I was fascinated by the possibilities when it came to the types of questions - other tools are rather limited regarding the types/forms of questions. Another major difference and advantage over other tools is the insight and monitoring of results/answers. Easy and completely sufficient for the analysis! "

BT - scouts

"1KA has everything that you would expect from an online survey tool – it’s easy to use, free of charge, less buggy and contains more features than its commercial competitors, which frankly don’t come even close to 1KA."

Matej Černe, Center of Excellence for Biosensors, Instrumentation and Process Control COBIK

"The 1KA application is an excellent choice for Master's and Bachelor's thesis', because you can easily enter a questionnaire and then share the survey URL with your friends online. I think it is also useful for different companies that are researching their market."

AR, EPF Maribor

"1KA was a great help in my research and study. It is a very transparent and practical tool for online surveys. I like the automatic analysis provided by 1KA."

Klavdija S., student at the Faculty of Administration

"I am very pleased with the web application, which is easy to use, free, and offers many functionalities."

Jana Jelen (Faculty of Social Work, Ljubljana)

"I used the1KA tool for my research for a Master's thesis. Especially I like the system that generates graphs and tables. Once you’re done with the survey, you can export the data into a Microsoft Word document without losing time by manually creating tables and charts. All compliments to 1KA, keep up the good work."

Edin Osmančević, Faculty of Social Sciences

"For the purpose of the empirical part of my thesis, I created an online questionnaire using the 1KA tool. It was very easy to create it. After watching a video guide on making surveys, the process became clear to me and the questionnaire was made very quickly and with no problems. For specific questions which were not quite clear to me, I turned to the administrators that helped me via e-mail and gave me answers very quickly, and so the problem was resolved. I would recommend the creation of online surveys with the 1KA tool to anyone who needs to obtain a sample for research, because1KA offers a fast, easy and reliable solution."

Maja Marc, Faculty of Arts Ljubljana